"VNET desperately and quickly needed updated photos of our management and sales teams to use in our signatures and print materials. Our busy and unpredictable schedules didn't make that an easy task. Thankfully, we called Pete Gool. Pete brought his studio equipment to our office facilities which enabled all VNET employees to have a conveniently scheduled photo session with him. In the end, all the photos Pete delivered to us were beyond our expectations.
Thank you Pete Gool!"

     — Joel Deuterman, President



"We have used Pete for our photography needs for many years now. Being a manufacturer of unique industrial products, it takes a special eye to get the "catalog ready" photos we need. Our products range from very large to very small and Pete is always willing to capture every angle we may need to portray. Along with that he is always willing to help cut out any image we may need for various marketing materials. There are not many photographers out there with the experience or that are willing to work to capture unique industrial product photos. Thank you Pete for all your help capturing Van Air Systems and Van Gas Technologies products through the years.​"

— Kat Gindlesperger, Marketing Manager



"I recently hired Pete Gool Photography to shoot photos for my website and he did an excellent job.  He was on time, on budget and very professional.  I would not hesitate to use Pete again in the future."

     — John M. Bongiovanni, CFP, CLU, ChFC



"Pete is a focused photography professional who has the ability to work with all forms of owners, management, staff, board members and numerous creative professionals. He is focused and efficient in his work, is personable and pleasant to work with. I have personally known and worked with Pete for more than 20 years. I would highly recommend him for projects that require professional photography skills and techniques."
   — John Buchna, CEO

"Pete Gool is my go-to on-location photographer. He brings a military precision to his logistical workflow, but also adds a warm, friendly and comfortable bedside manner to his shoot direction. His knowledge and experience in a myriad of markets and industries, as well as his ability to shoot everything from products to portraiture, many times in the same day, is unrivaled. Pete goes above and beyond to get the right shots, and I can always rest assured that he’s working with the latest and greatest equipment. With Pete, I know that I can expect quality work every time, at a great value. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality and dependable photographer!"

    — Dallas Riffle, President/Creative Director

"Pete Gool goes the extra mile to get my shot, if it’s traveling to a rainy football field in New Jersey to shoot Jets and Giant’s team members or to Chicago, to shoot a famous retired Cub’s player, to shooting in a totally darkened studio at two o'clock in to morning to make sure he gets the welcome screen on a cell phone for one of my clients.

Pete knows what I need to get the results I’m looking for in the final printed or online piece that's being developed."

   — Steven D. Fleshman


“As a manufacturer of replacement windows and sunrooms, we have the constant challenge of showcasing our products in a variety of settings for product literature and online use. Pete always makes Seaway windows and sunrooms look great, with photos that really sell the quality we work so hard to achieve.”

   — Jana Goodrich, President

"I am an attorney in private practice in Erie, PA since 1987.  Over this past 30 years, I have used Pete Gool Photographic Services numerous times for plaintiff personal injury litigation-purposes. This includes photographically documenting client injuries, vehicle and property damage, injury scene or location, client day-in-the-life stills, injury-related assistive equipment, home renovations and needs, etc.  Most of the work has been on location, which can be challenging and problematic. Pete has been consistently reliable, never caught without the skill or equipment needed to obtain high quality images. Moreover, he easily establishes a helpful rapport with clients and families, placing them at ease and allowing him to capture the photographic evidence desired.  His work has made a positive difference in the favorable outcomes achieved for my injury clients many times over. I cannot recommend him highly enough.  Thanks Pete for all your help over the years!"

      — Atty. Thomas V. Myers



"When our company made the decision to develop a comprehensive product catalog, we quickly realized that one of the most important pieces of this project was going to be the digital photographs of all our products and their corresponding product applications. We thought it very unlikely that we would find a photographer that could work within our budgets and do all the shots needed within a relatively short time frame. This photographer would aslo be asked to not only interact with our employees, but several of our customers as well — we were skeptical we would find someone we could trust to professionally interact with our customers and do what all we needed. We were wrong.

On every occasion, no matter what type of work you were doing or where you were asked to do it, you delivered on your promise to do the work on time, on budget, and provided excellent communication and technical service all the way through to completion and you did it very professionally. Sadly, many times today it is difficult to find companies and people like yourself that understand the importance of repeat customers and what it takes to get them. We found one in you. Everything that you said you would do, you did. It is obvious that you take great pride in your workmanship.

Please accept my appreciation and know that everyone at Penn-Union looks forward to working with you again."
    — Brian P. Cullen, President


“We have used Pete for several projects over our thirteen years in business and his quality along with adaptability has been unmatched as well as his quick response time, which has allowed us to react to the market in a favorable position.”

   — Justin Stefani


“At Jameson Publishing/Vertmarkets, we’ve used Pete Gool for photography numerous times over the years. We do so because Pete has taken the time to understand what we want from our photos, and he delivers on time, every time. He’s thorough and willing to ask questions about a project, but is quick to understand our goals, which is important because we aren’t on-site when the photos are being taken. We’ve never been dissatisfied with the quantity or quality of the photos we’ve received, and we’ll continue to use him whenever we can. ”

   — Dan Schell, Editorial Director

"For years I've been searching for a really good local photographer to photograph my interior design projects. I tried many photographers, but they didn't quite get what I was after. One day, as I was cleaning my office, I came across an enlarged photocopy of Pete Gool's business card. I called. We had a nice conversation regarding the project I was just finishing up. I decided to give Pete a shot. I'm very happy that I did! Pete is professional, prompt, easy to work with, fast turn around, and most importantly... took beautiful photographs of my work that I'm proud to show off in my design portfolio. I have no idea of where that photocopy came from, but I'm glad it found it's way to me!" 
    — Gina Paris, Principal/Interior Designer



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